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SCADA V10 Reporter

Archiving and recording tool linked with WinCC / PCS7 and other process-visualizations

Product description

SCADA V10 Reporter is the ideal archiving and recording tool linked with WinCC / PCS7 and other process-visualizations. In addition to a loss-free long-term archiving of all process variables, it offers recording in accordance with the DWA and the Land Water Acts based on Microsoft Excel.

Your Benefits

Long-term archive database:

  • Long-term archiving with Delta Event Plus
  • Archiving of all process variables
  • No compression, thus no loss of information
  • Process interfacing OPC incl. Telecontrol interface
  • SQL database

Record with Microsoft Excel:

  • Wastewater treatment plant reports according to DWA-M 260, EKVO, Hirthammer
  • Event reports according to DWA-A 128
  • Free protocols


  • Alarm message alert
  • Maintenance and repair module KANiO


For SCADA V10 Reporter, WinCC acts as a control and visualization system, while HydroDat V8 Reporter handles archiving and recording. The long-term archiving takes place without compression of the data according to the Delta-Event-Plus method. Information losses are thereby avoided. The archived data can be stored in an SQL database.

To connect the SCADA V10 Reporter, a Siemens OPC Server must be available on each WinCC server to which SCADA V10 Reporter is docked via the OPC client. The use of SCADA V10 Reporter in conjunction with other process control systems also takes place via OPC coupling.

With SCADA V10 Reporter, sewage plant reports according to DWA-M 260, EKVO, Hirthammer or as free logs can be used. Likewise, RÜB event reports according to DWA-A 128 are possible. Optionally, a fault alarm is available. The powerful KANiO maintenance and repair module complements SCADA V10 Reporter in an outstanding way.


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