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SCADA V10 Logging of Precipitation


The evaluation of precipitation is an important basis for all water management planning, sewage network sizing, flood warnings, agriculture, forestry and tourism. An important pre-requisite for high-quality evaluation of precipitation events is a suitable procedure for the recording of precipitation data. SCADA V10 saves the precipitation data using a specialised procedure to ensure that there is a secured database for the assessment of the situation data here.

SCADA V10 provides comprehensive reporting for the documentation and evaluation of precipitation. Alongside the graphical representation in the form of precipitation cumulative frequency polygons, there are also annual, monthly and daily reports available as well as event reports that carry out the classification of precipitation events on the basis of regional KOSTRA tables.


  • Classification of precipitation events
  • Direct connection to the NiRA.web precipitation portal
  • Evaluation via precipitation cumulative frequency polygons
  • Pre-generated precipitation reporting
  • Customisable reports via Microsoft Excel
  • Directly integrated into Microsoft Excel


  • Proof in the event of damages
  • Reports for self-monitoring
  • Fundamentals for planning
  • Documentation of events
Assessment of precipitation
Rainfall intensity lines