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SMART Machine / System / Plant

Product Description

SBR-Units/systems from HST are graduated, standardised turnkey solutions consisting of the significant process components for SBR System technology. You can obtain the equipment which is networked using automation technology and IT from us. Everything is of course equipped with the most modern process automation and operating control technology developed in-house.

Your Benefits

  • Dynamic cycle control/highly efficient operating modes
  • Compact, rational and quick construction
  • Operationally ready solutions from one provider
  • Quality and safety through standardisation and preproduction
  • Fully functional system
  • Low surface consumption
  • All motors an electric drives according to IE2
  • SMART Plant
  • Best maintenance with wall-mounted decanter HydroKlar-Slide
  • According to European Machinery Directive
  • Based on German rules A131 and M210


  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Industrial treatment plants



(among others)

  • EN ISO 9001, Quality Assurance,
  • EN ISO 14001, Environment,
  • EN ISO 18001, Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Welding certification, Category D (German DIN 18800-7:2002-09),
  • Specialist company certification in accordance with Section 19 of the German Water Management Act (WHG),
  • ISO IEC 9126 certification, Software Quality


  • Using of maximum decanting quantity to raise performance
  • Using of maximum volume exchange ratio to raise performance
  • Discharge adjustment
  • Optimum oxygenation with fine-bubble aeration
  • Preventing system avoid entering activated sludge outside of the decanting phase
  • Device for holding and maintenance of process measuring technology
  • Protection of the activated sludge during mixing period
  • Using pressurised water for mixing
  • Automatic adaptation of changing water levels
  • Holder system of measurement equipment that adapts to varying water levels
  • Autonomous control


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