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One flap gate – two functions: TWIN flap gates for optimally designing relief and flood pumping stations. RSK/TWIN flap gates are installed in flood pumping stations for controlling the flow paths. They allow a two-way opening or closing of two flow paths with one fitting. Using RSK/TWIN flap gates result in smaller structures.

Your Benefits

  • Two-way opening/closing of two flow paths/ structural openings
  • Safety interlock in case of flood
  • Construction of up to 15 m water column
  • Cost savings in construction and machine technology


  • Flood pumping station

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RSK / Twin flaps are preferably used at stormwater pumping stations. They allow the mutual opening or closing of two flow paths with one construction, replacing the slides / contactors required for conventional design. Rotatable flaps are generally easier and safer with regard to their movements. They can be loaded on the pressure and tension side. In case of flooding, RSK / Twin flap gates close the opening to the receiving water and at the same time release the flow path to the flood pumps.


Switching system

  • Electronic volume evaluation

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