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Pure flux P

smart machine
Heat from Sewage (Pure Flux P)


Tubular heat exchangers with an externally mounted radial spiral on the pipe cladding for the intermediate circuit are an ideal heat exchanging function supplement for pipe systems. Heat exchangers based on this principle are also suitable for large nominal diameters and retrofitting or integrating into existing pipelines. Use the Pure Flux P exchanger for heating and dehumidifying your plant e.g. in pump stations and controlled drainage systems in stormwater tanks. Or save on technology and energy for cooling your diesel motors in flood pumping stations – alternately use the cool transport current. With our measuring devices, you will get the ideal configuration.

Your Benefits

  • Functional integration in pipes
  • Large nominal diameters are possible
  • Implementation in norm components
  • Rational and precise due to laser cutting
  • Lowest operating and maintenance costs


  • Pumping stations, in particular with water-cooled motors
  • Drainage regulators in the stormwater tanks
  • Process water systems

Questions about the product?

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Fengjia Zhang

Product Management
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The Pure flux P and Pure flux P2 heat exchanger are used to transfer thermal energy. This product is a passive element, which can be seen as a heat exchanger system in connection with the supplied components. Therefore, this product always is a part of other elements, which are provided by the HST. Alternatively, the heat exchanger can be integrated into an existing system.


Machine technology

  • Other material
  • Flow and temperature measurement

IntelliStream Automation
Short description:
A system for self-monitoring pollution degree detection to ensure optimum cleaning results and efficient heat exchanger operation.

Continuous monitoring of the operating point, early detection of biological deposits and condition-oriented relocation.

Switching system

  • Switching system
  • Manual switch
  • With external cabinet
  • TeleMatic
  • smartSCADA
  • smartKANiO

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