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KANiO® Module – ISMS Tool

IT security management for water management

product description

The management system for ensuring your IT security
Information security serves to protect information that is critical for the organisation or information that must be protected by law from being changed, misused, lost or destroyed. The implementation and constant maintenance of IT security present an enormous challenge for many operators of water management facilities, and this challenge is often met by engaging external IT experts. Experience has shown that this practice seldom leads to the desired results because the IT specialists do not have the requisite knowledge of the processes involved in water management and the facility operators are not familiar with the language of the IT specialists.
HST has been providing equipment to water management facilities for more than 35 years and has the expertise regarding processes and technical procedures in water management facilities as well as the technological know-how in information technology. You can be sure that we will speak the same language in a joint project.

Managing IT security properly
KANiO® ISMS is the IT Security Management tool for water management. Its modular design and scalability make it possible to create a tailored solution for managing IT security according to current security standards.
KANiO® ISMS supports the B3S industry standard, the current BSI-Grundschutz (IT basic security, Federal Office for Information Security) and the ISO 27001 standard.KANiO® ISMS offers optimum support for organising your IT security management system. This starts with an inventory review and organisational analysis and includes risk evaluation and the resulting planning of essential security measures, and culminates in the practical implementation of the measures. KANiO® fully supports the underlying PDCA cycle (Plan – Do – Check – Act) and thus reinforces the continuous improvement process that is a requirement of the IT security standards.
With the mobile KANiO® ISMS solution, the defined security measures can be processed systematically in the form of convenient digital checklists. Implementation of the IT security concepts for municipalities.

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Range of Services

  • Professional consulting on current
  • Security standards
  • Design of an ISMS according to the B3S industry standard, the current BSI-Grundschutz (IT basic security, Federal Office for Information Security) and the ISO 27001 standard
  • Support by internal and external audits
  • Conducting of weak point analyses
  • Implementation of safeguards against
  • Cyberattacks

KANiO® ISMS equipment

All security-critical assets are organised in KANiO® ISMS in a configurable tree. The protection needs defined in the tree view is represented directly with a coloured LED symbol..

KANiO® ISMS Actions

In order to provide reliable IT security, actions are stored on the basis of the IT security standard selec- ted. To ensure that a continuous improvement process can be maintained, an interval may be assigned to actions. In this way, a pending security check is initia- ted automatically and can be conducted conveniently on the basis of a digital checklist.

IT security status view

The current IT security status is available for viewing in KANiO® ISMS with the click of a mouse. For this, the current security status with regard to each threat detected for each item of equipment is displayed in the form of a traffic light symbol. In this way, all im- portant data can be reviewed at a glance.

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