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KANiO® mobile APP


Smart mobility with the KANiO® app

Depending on the use case, either the classic KANiO® mobile solution for tablets or notebooks with a Windows operating system or the platform-neutral KANiO® mobile app can be used. The KANiO® mobile app is able to run on practically all smartphones and tablets, providing a mobile solution that fits in your jacket pocket.

The KANiO® mobile app is used for order processing in the field and also includes the option for logging spontaneous orders. In this way, defects can be processed and documented as soon as they are detected. The KANiO® mobile app is ideal for logging count values, measurement values or other values which have to be entered manually. Now is your opportunity to replace the analogue world of paper records with a digital solution, and manage documentation reliably and without mistakes in future.