Product Description

IntelliGrid is used to intelligently control and control the AWS-Jet cleaner. The essential requirement for the automation of the AWS-Jet cleaner is not only the required a high level of operational safety but also automatically optimized aeration and flushing operation through dynamic consideration of actually achieved cleaning results and meteorological development, with the possibility of avoiding sediments and the odor nuisance caused by stagnant water. Furthermore, the possibility for manual control of the AWS Jet cleaner must be ensured.

Your Benefits

  • Graphic representation of the plant
  • Visualization of all machine and plant data
  • Representation of fault, warning, plausibility and maintenance messages as well as derived measured quantities, e.g.
  • Performance data
  • Event-dependent control with dynamic operating and pause times
  • Choice of operating modes: ECO / Normal / Power
  • Demand-oriented post-cleaning with adequate water supply
  • Automatic optimization of pool cleaning control for next event
  • Cyclic test run for plausibility and functional testing with log and / or message generation
  • Automatic and condition-oriented ventilation of the basin to avoid odors due to biological decomposition processes
  • Communication with the meteorological data platform NiRA.web


  • Operation and maintenance of water, energy, transport and lighting networks, and other infrastructure facilities
  • Maintenance organizations and industrial companies
  • Property, building and facility maintenance

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