Product Description

IntelliFlush is used for intelligent generation of rinse waves and efficient channel cleaning. The essential requirement for the automation of the weir system or the flush sluice is, in addition to the required high level of operational safety, automatically optimized control operation through a dynamic travel speed of the control element, with the option of preventive channel flushing. Furthermore, it must be possible to regulate or limit the volume flow to a freely settable setpoint specification. Communication with NiRA.web enables rainfall-dependent channel management.

Your benefits

  • Automatic release of the cross-section in the event of errors
  • A possible definition of traversing speeds (basic, middle and top speed) by freely adjustable parameters
  • Continuous monitoring of the operating point for early detection of wear
  • Free preselection of the mode of operation with respect to the frequency, the amplitude and the period of flushing waves
  • Continuous monitoring of the channel characteristics
  • Flushing wave generation via constant and dynamic control models
  • The regular operation takes place depending on the respectively recorded real process data
  • Communication with the meteorological data platform NiRA.web


  • Canal construction

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