SMART Machine
Sludge Extraction (HydroScum-FLAP)

Product Description

HydroScum-FLAP sludge extractors are attached to the sidewall of the permanent reservoir tank. They consist of a square drainage gutter equipped with an automatically adjustable switch guard. A measuring sensor records the water level with emerging sludge levels and draws the floating sludge by lowering the overflow edge. The HydroMatic control of the floating sludge extraction allows for different operating modes. The floating sludge can be automatically recognised via an optical device and this enables the fully automated extraction.

The HydroScum-FLAP and HydroScum-FLOAT/P are HST-WKS licensed products.

Your Benefits

  • Finely adjustable overflow edge
  • Automatic operation
  • High extraction capacity


  • Municipal and industrial water
  • Treatment plants
  • Process water treatment plants
  • Ponds
  • Emergency tanks

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