SMART Machine with IntelliFlow


The stationary flow measurement system HydroMat-HQ can measure flow to MID accuracy by the use of high-resolution sensor technology. In combination with our newly developed parabolic profile regulator, even the smallest amounts of water are recorded precisely and reliably. Alongside precise volume measurement and regulation the Automation- und System software IntelliFlow allows the continuous recording of all operating data, the evaluation of reference and comparison values and also incorporates a self-calibration function. This ensures precision flow measurement without back up occurring.

Your Benefits

  • Measurement of very low volumes (dry weather channel)
  • MID accuracy by the use of high-resolution sensor technology (ultrasonic-running time and Doppler)
  • Low hydraulic losses (measurement without back up)
  • Calibrated measuring track with accuracy certificate
  • Easy to maintain (easy to dismantle with open top or maintenance cover)
  • Easy visual checking with measuring rod is possible


  • Dam systems
  • Rainwater basins
  • Sewer reservoirs
  • Treatment plants
  • Pumping stations

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