Automatic wastewater pumping station

Product description

The wastewater pumping station is used for collecting and automatically lifting / pumping faecal and faecal-free wastewater via the backflow level. The wastewater is safely discharged into the sewer and harmless to buildings.

The sewage pumping station is equipped with high-quality components and corresponds to the state of the art. Prior to delivery, the system is checked for proper condition as part of the quality controls and subjected to a functional test. Each system is accompanied by an inspection record. Our staff attaches great importance to the best quality, so our production staff also stand by their name and signature on the product for the quality.

The quality pumping system complies fully with the standard DIN EN 12050-1.

Your Benefits

  • Easy and fast installation through “Plug & Play”. All required tools are supplied with the system
  • Hygienic, quiet and reliable operation
  • Powerful wastewater pump with a free-flow impeller
  • Development and production in Germany
  • Components with a long service life according to German industry standards
  • Flood-proof system with buoyancy protection
  • Ergonomically shaped transport and assembly handles
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Compact container dimensions
  • Chemical resistant container
  • Easy to understand control
  • M2M communication with remote monitoring possible
  • Useful volume of up to 75 liters
  • Attractive design, even for an installation where the device is visible


The system is designed for free-standing installation and above-floor installation in frost-protected rooms. 

  • Private Housing
  • Family houses
  • Basement flats


  • Universal use of different measuring methods
  • Additional alarm devices available
  • Connection possibility for a dosing station against odors or for dosage of cleaning agents


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