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TeleMatic for secure system operation

Smart system operation on-site

The smart on-site operation via mobile tablet PCs offers better technical and economic benefits than the fixed installed operating panels in a cabinet. A fixed installed operating panel on a cabinet, despite high investment costs, remains at least 90% of its lifetime unused.
A tablet PC can be used for a variety of purposes and takes over the function of a fixed installed operating panel in case on-site operation is required. Convenient and secure system identification is ensured by using an operating switch on the control cabinet. By pressing the control button, the operating window assigned to the system opens automatically on the tablet.
Thanks to an encrypted and switchable WiFi connection between the automation level and the tablet, the convenient wireless operation is secured.

Your Benefits

  • Simple operation with mobile tablets
  • Operation regardless of location
  • Lower investment costs
  • Added value of mobile tablets through others
  • Possible uses (operational management, documentation)
  • Secure operation (switchable WLAN, authentication)