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Fixed Baffle

The simple and cost-saving floating-material retention
Floating Material Retention (Fixed Baffle)

Product Description

Fixed baffles are used for floating-material retention at fixed overflow thresholds and overflowed flaps or weirs, as well as reduce the discharge of floating materials such as e.g. hygiene articles, waste and plastic bags. Besides the retention of waterworks in rivers, fixed baffles are also used to prevent congestion in the water.


  • Fixed weir barriers
  • Overflowed flaps and weirs (relief structures)
  • Raid edges
  • Stormwater overflows
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Separators
  • Treatment plants

Your Benefits

  • Standard construction kit and construction elements
  • Installation / mounting adaptable to a wide variety of installation situations
  • Existing buildings can be easily upgraded
  • Good effect for retention in floating materials at low Q / m * low construction costs / investment
  • Low technical requirements for production
  • No moving parts


  • The baffle wall, which is fixed in front of a weir barrier, retains the coarse particles floating on the surface in the upper water (relief case)
  • Floating materials remain in front of the relief device and do not pollute the receiving water
  • The efficiency of the baffle depends on the volume flow as well as the hydraulic and structural conditions
  • Corrosion-resistant design (stainless steel / GFK)
  • Fixing according to a location on the sidewall, overflow threshold or ceiling
  • Distance to the weir threshold, diving wall height and immersion depth are adapted to the boundary conditions so that the best possible retention effect is achieved


Baffles and, in particular, their fixed construction should be designed so that no possibility of deposition and clinch for the floating materials can occur. Therefore, it is recommended to build the baffles in the medium range, either striving-free or with the wed-designed surface to avoid increased cleaning effort.

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