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Building Equipment

You want a responsible complete-supplier?

Product Description

Save valuable working time on procurement and performance because we also supply (in addition to our service program) equipment and complete products, such as:

  • Ladders, stairs and pedestals
  • Railing, stainless steel pipes
  • Chimney equipment (covers, ladders, ventilation hoses, etc.)
  • Caseless sliders and contactors
  • FRP products
  • I & C technology
  • Prefabricated system manholes

Special equipment components & interesting solutions:

  • Manhole covers in special dimensions, special shapes and oversize with gas pressure or electrohydraulic opening aids
  • S-shaped, clot-tilted floating or upright submersible walls for retrofitting into existing special structures or sewerage systems
  • Individual complicated constructions made of steel or plastic including design, guidance, verification and approval
  • Highly corrosion-resistant and chemically resistant components for technical installations, e.g. for airport de-icing or landfill leachate treatment

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