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AWS-PICO Jet Cleaner

Small, fixed or pivoting automatic jet cleaner


AWS pico stream jets are small, fixed or pivoting ventilators and flow generators with 2 – 8 kW of power. They are used for ventilating drainage and process water and for disposing deposits in smaller structures, flushing or pump sumps. The AWS jet cleaner’s little brother has overall DATA EFFICIENCY with HydroMatic-IntelliGrid, TeleMatic, smartSCADA and smartKANiO. Now, small storage spaces can also be effectively cleaned using this method, which has been tried and tested thousands of times.

Your Benefits

  • Fits in the smallest storage spaces/sumps
  • Configurable operating modes
  • Service automation
  • IntelliGrid function


  • Pumps and flushing sump
  • Small tanks/storage spaces
  • Process containers
  • Ponds

Questions about the product?

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