AWS-Flush Sluice

The technically mature variant for cascade flushing.
Flushing System (AWS-Flush Sluice)


The AWS-Flush Sluice is used for a preventive cleaning of a critical section of the sewer- and combined sewer collector channels of small- and medium sizes. The AWS-Flush Sluice is installed without obstructing the flow path. By activating the impound shield of the device it impounds the upstream water. A sudden opening of the impound shield generates a strong flushing wave, moving the sedimentation and debris downstream to less critical areas. The individual programmed flushing algorithm ensures a preventive cleaning of the sewer, even at dry weather condition. Hence the hydraulic performance of the sewer lines is increased as well as unpleasant odours are avoided.

Your Benefits

  • Easy to retrofit into existing channels
  • Flushing at the dry weather condition
  • No disturbance of the sewer operation during installation
  • Automatic indication of malfunctions
  • No flushing chamber required
  • Activation of additional retention volume
  • Opens automatically at power failure.


  • Combined sewer systems
  • Sewer systems
  • Stormwater collector channels

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