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AWS-Flush Bucket

Automatic Flush Bucket - A cost-saving solution for cleaning rainwater tanks


The most operationally cost-effective and most commonly installed solution for cleaning reservoirs. The AWS-Flush Bucket which is installed outside of the medium (storm water, drainage water etc.), removes deposits without external energy and extremely effectively due to a strong flushing wave. The shape of the AWS-flush bucket constructed on the basis of FEM-models is characterised by an optimal torque curve and material usage rate with a low net weight and is the most modern construction on the market.

Your Benefits

  • Lowest maintenance efforts
  • Uses available water source, incl. stormwater
  • Easy to retrofit into existing structures
  • Weight optimized stainless steel construction
  • Low operation noise
  • Standardized sizes from 200 l/m to 2600 l/m
  • Total lengths up to 10 m per one unit


  • Rain basins, reservoirs or sedimentation basins with temporary accumulation
  • Basically suitable for every type of basin (exception: round basins)
  • Flushing distances of up to 70 m possible, depending on the basic conditions (design of the pelvic floor with longitudinal and transverse slopes, roughness of the internals, discharge height and flushing volume)
  • Mounting and installation outside of the medium, mounting on or on-side walls, on-end walls and under ceilings
  • Single flush track up to 70 m long and 12 m wide
  • Additional requirements can be solved by special designs.


  • Very good compact rinsing surge due to tilting and torque behaviour, no noticeable mechanical noises as well as low loads on mounting structure and construction, thus long service life
  • Use of stainless steel investment casting and capsule housings for bearing equipment
  • Hollow shaft coupling for coupling multiple AWS flushing buckets for simultaneous and effective flushing of multiple flush tracks
  • Automatic function monitoring with sensor kit
  • Certificate of individual torque check
  • Minimal maintenance due to the arrangement outside the water reservoir, with the use of encapsulated stainless steel bearings

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  • Generation of a powerful, compact water surge
  • Automatic tilting when filled without unlocking
  • Automatic and quiet reset to basic position for next flushing event
  • Rinsing water including dirt is collected in a sump of sufficient size
  • In case of extreme soiling, the flushing process must be repeated.


Machines & Systems

  • Rinse water feed
  • Locking device
  • Special sizes
  • Bearing encapsulation

IT & Automation

  • Sensor kit
  • Control module
  • Switching system
  • Digital operating and service book

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