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12/2020 HST International Highlights

The participation in BCP R&D Consortium, HSR-Screen brochure and partnership program

HST Systemtechnik has long recognized as a 4.0 technology leader in the water industry. Leading-edge technology, future-proof solutions, and solid strategic partnerships are the drivers behind HST success. For instance, HST was the pioneer and concept leader in the public funding project “Municipal 4.0” (in German: KOMMUNAL 4.0) and in the Federal Association 4.0 (“Bundesverband KOMMUNAL 4.0” or BVK 4.0), which encourages the digitalization of municipal infrastructure systems with the focus on water management. In December 2020, HST has another partnership milestone when officially becoming a member of BCP Council Smart Place Research and Development Consortium. Via the “Challenge platform”, HST expects to make further contributions to the communities by forming collaborative partnership and developing new combined solutions.

Furthermore, “overflow management” has long been a major topic in the combined sewer network management. Untreated overflows can cause serious environmental impacts and thus need to be managed thoroughly and effectively. Always passionate about this theme, HST expert team has created a brochure for HSR-Screen and offered as a free gift on our website to passionate water professionals. The brochure introduces the development history of overflow management (from 1950 until today) and automation levels of screening process. Moreover, the in-depth comparison with other types of screens, potential mechanical add-ons, installation variants and highlight projects are fully described and explained in the brochure. If you have any questions about this solution, you can contact HST Planning service via  

HST Systemtechnik has relentlessly expanded the business in overseas markets and forming a strategic partnership is our key development strategy to broaden our global footprint. Thus, we kicked off the partnership program “SynPlus” to call for strategic and collaborative partnership. If your organization is looking for a partnership with an 4.0 technology leader in the water industry, our International Project Manager, Mr. Nghiep Chi Le, is at your disposal. Since the challenging year 2020 is coming to the end, HST International team wishes you a healthy, peaceful, and happy holiday in Christmas and New Year 2021!


Nghiep Chi Le, M.A.

International Project Manager
Tel+49 291 9929-107
Fax+49 291 7691

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