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Ein Entlastungsset besteht aus HSR-Rechen und ESK-Wehr. In der Form wird es in Luxemburg montiert. Entlastungssets sind die ideale Kombination von Rechen und Stauklappe. Vorteil: Volle Nutzung der Rechenfläche und Entlastungsmengenerfassung

Luxembourg relies on innovative HST computer systems with IntelliScreen

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is considered exemplary in many respects in Europe. And this also applies to measures of environmental protection, which are of particular importance for a small, but more densely populated country. Already in 2008, the country launched the project “Implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Luxembourg”. The aim of the project is to implement the requirements of the European Water Framework Directive in a structured manner in all parts of the country.

According to the European Water Framework Directive (WFD), all Member States have to draw up a management plan for the waters within their territory which regulates their use. In this context, the management plans required appropriate measures to reduce water pollution. First, the waters were assessed and declared accordingly. In addition, measures were identified, evaluated and implemented in order to further relieve water pollution. One of the measures is the use of float and floating substance-back postures on relief structures with computer systems.

Waters are particularly protected by HSR rakes with IntelliScreen
Waters are particularly protected by HSR rakes with IntelliScreen

The Directorate for Energy and Environment of the City of Luxembourg is also responsible for urban drainage. Urban drainage is subdivided into the departments planning/approval, depot and sewage treatment plant. The sewer network of the city of Luxembourg is about 600 km long and is divided into similar parts in separation and mixing system. Furthermore, the employees are responsible for about 15,000 street enemas. In the city, nine rainwater retention basins, nine rain overflow basins, a sewage treatment plant and two pumping stations are operated. The total storage volume of the rain basins is approx. 30,000 m³. Urban drainage operates and maintains the entire sewer system, a wastewater treatment plant including special structures with approx. 75 employees. In recent years, many measures for water protection at sewage treatment plants and special structures have been planned and in part already carried out.

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Water protection by swimming- and floating-substance-back postures on Relief structures HST received the order from the City of Luxembourg in the spring of 2018 to equip thirteen computer systems, including intelligent controls, at the discharge thresholds of the nine rain overflow basins with a view to the implementation of further measures for water protection.

Over the next two years, HST high-performance computer screens will be equipped with the innovative IntelliScreen control system developed by HST. This control system allows the operator to significantly increase the fabric retention of the rake and thereby greatly reduce the pollution of the waters.

For this purpose, the rake is driven depending on the occupancy on the rake bars and the height of the mixed water level.

IntelliScreen recognizes the laying of the rake as well as the height of the upper water level and the intensity of the rain and uses this data to determine the optimum combing speed of the computer system for the cleaning process. The rakes used are depending on the structure for relief events between 800 l / s to 5000 l / s designed and designed as a horizontal bar screen. The use of bar screens enables the material-saving cleaning of the bars without the screenings being crushed. This innovative and intelligently controlled HST cleaning system has particularly impressed the urban drainage of the city of Luxembourg.

After installation and commissioning of the computer systems, all systems are created and monitored in the HST process control system SCADA.web of the Urban Drainage Luxemburg. The evaluation of the rain basins in combination with the precipitation data from the HST precipitation portal NiRA.web® is also possible with the system.

The project will be led by Eric Weyland at Urban Drainage Luxembourg; He will be accompanied during the processing by the engineering office BEST. HST’s Christopher Becker is the project manager; Ingo Wiesner from the Technical Office West supports the project as the contact person for the client.

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