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Know more about overflows: what’s going on?

Measure or record water volumes, a recurring task for operators of water management plants. Standard technology can be easily implemented in fully-occupied pipes without any problem.

It, however, isn’t similar in the case of partially-filled pipes, open trenches or raids, is it?

A measuring device with a direct method for measuring the flow Q is not provided. All systems determine the flow somehow based on the determined flow rate and a mostly precisely measurable level.

The precise outcome from the measurement are greatly desired, but the accuracy depends on the general conditions or requires know-how in hydraulics and measurement technology, application experience and testing. This particularly applies to larger pipe diameters or joint cross-sections.

Measuring water volumes is, admittedly, easier at overflows.
This basis offers an affordable standardized solution for water level measurement, or water-level measuring devices for recording the overflow levels.

The speed of the overflowing water is directly derived from the measured overflow height.

HST EMA systems are also based on this measurement, but are additionally equipped with devices to ensure and increase the measuring accuracy, together with software for the transparent determination and balancing of overflow water volumes.

The product offers the most reliable method and the most reliable system for all those who want or need to measure overflow volumes!


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